MenaQ7® Featured in Celebrity Angels Vitamin K Campaign

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MenaQ7® Featured in Celebrity Angels Vitamin K Campaign

We are happy to share the expansion of our educational marketing efforts into the consumer space, exemplified by our ongoing collaboration with Celebrity Angels in the UK.

While awareness of Vitamin K2 is on the rise, it has yet to reach the level of other essential nutrients like vitamin D. As research continues to uncover the health benefits of K2, it’s crucial for consumers to be informed and empowered to seek out supplements featuring the most optimal K2, namely MenaQ7®.

The Power of Ingredient Branding

The campaign highlights the essential need for K2 in supporting bone and heart health, specifically documented by MenaQ7®, the K2 proven to deliver better health. 

Further it speaks to the important distinction between Vitamins K1 and K2, specifically highlighting K2 as MK-7 as the most optimal form for bone and heart health. We highlight the challenges of obtaining adequate K2 through diet alone and emphasize the benefits of supplementation for both children and adults.

Come for the K2 Science – Stay for the Partnership

We are happy to continue building trust and awareness of Vitamin K2, now also directly to the consumer audience. In this way, consumers can make informed choices about their health.

Co-branding with MenaQ7® in your next development is a value add that will set your product apart from the rest.   

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