Lynside® Forte Zn 100K, your claimed solution for immunity

Immunity is a big concern for everyone for years, but today, it is one of the most important health concerns for consumers. This structural trend on immunity results in growth of products launched with an immune health claim1.


Zinc is a natural trace element with a benefit on immunity found in low concentration in food. Lynside® Forte Zn 100K, the zinc fortified yeast of Gnosis by Lesaffre, is the perfect solution to support your immune health thanks to its zinc content and its high bioavailability.


Zinc is added in the fermentation tank to obtain a unique product that provides a better zinc bioavailability compared to other mineral forms of zinc. Lynside® Forte Zn 100K is a whole ingredient that provides as well a complete set of nutrients such as proteins, vitamins, fibers, Beta-glucans and other minerals.