Learn more on LifeinU™ BSCU1: the probiotic for immunity

LifeinU™ BSCU1 is a unique solution for stable probiotic and a specific strain of Bacillus subtilis. LifeinU™ BSCU1 is suitable for dietary supplements and functional foods due to its stability.

There are a lot of products on the market that claim or suggest efficacy on our immune response, however, only a few of them are supported by robust science and clinical research. 

Jean-François Jeanne (Substantiation & Applications Team Manager) talks to us about how LifeinU™ BSCU1 may support our immune system. Now thanks to a new clinical study, we have several evidences that LifeinU™BSCU1 modulates the immune system and may enhance protection against pathogens.

This randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study shows that LifeinU™BSCU1 enhances intestinal and respiratory mucosal immune responses by increasing the level of IgA and stimulating the systemic human response. Research further shows that it can even lower the frequency of respiratory infections for healthy free-living seniors.