Launch of “Trends & Science Mag of Wellness & Immune Health”

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Gnosis by Lesaffre launches the new mag “Trends & Science” dedicated to Wellness and Immune Health. Discover market trends, consumer insights and new science; inspiring the innovations of tomorrow.


A new Mag for R&D and Marketing Experts

The new mag “Trends & Science”, dedicated to Wellness and Immune Health, Gnosis by Lesaffre features data available for R&D and Marketing experts in the world of dietary supplements and functional foods. As a solution provider in the world of active ingredients, we will provide white papers, scientific updates; “science-up”, e-books, clinical data, innovations wordwide, market data and consumer insights on different topics related to immunity and overall wellbeing.
Working closely with our customer-partners, we strongly believe that the real innovation is a sharing process built on a co-development strategy. In this regard, we are sure that this MAG is the first step for fresh ideas and new partnerships.


Inspired by the lastest worldwide trends

To enrich our vision with what is happening elsewhere, we will discover new developments in specific areas with regard to prior launches, new solutions, product positioning and consumer insights. All ingredients will be within the scope, from probiotics and postbiotics, to vitamins, minerals, nutritional yeasts and other active ingredients dedicated to well-being and immune health. Trends & Science magazine will highlight some big and soft trends around the world that are helping to generate innovations in other countries or inspire new ideas globally.


Explore the breadth of opportunities in Wellness & Immune Health

At Gnosis by Lesaffre we explore life to improve living. As experts in biotransformation, we base our research on the most relevant science to develop the most efficient ingredients for Wellness and Immune Health. Month after month, we will share our latest explorations on science; featuring white papers, e-books, videos or scientific publications to support the development of new dietary supplement and functional foods.
As key readers, you contribute to the enriching of common vision. We will be very pleased to receive your input regarding suggestion of specific interresting topics that we may consider for our future Mag editions.

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