Health and Environmental Sustainability with Adonat® Premium SAMe

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Health and Environmental Sustainability with Adonat® Premium SAMe

For its active ingredient production, Gnosis by Lesaffre prioritizes sustainable fermentation approaches. Adonat® Premium SAMe is a ‘green asset’ example of eco-friendly production set up to minimize environmental impact. 

Fermentation processes are sustainable alternatives to traditional production since the live organisms used produce organic waste substances that are biodegradable and renewable as biomass. Fermentation is the world’s smallest factory or the shortest industrial chain!

Adonat® Premium SAMe, the advanced form of S-adenosyl-Methionine, is a multifaced ingredient targeted to mood & cognition, liver detoxification, and joint health, and with new exciting applications on health span/longevity and stamina. 

The branded ingredient can be considered a virtuous green product, where industrial production occurs through fermentation of the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

More generally, Gnosis’s SAMe is a green choice for customers because it meets specific needs:  

  • A ‘controlled origin’ in a European factory   
  • Tight oversight of quality and contaminants (a benchmark of quality-conscious suppliers) proven by the recent Quality Assessment of the branded ingredient and other SAMe raw materials on the market.

Adonat® Greed Positioning at Vitafoods Europe 2024 

Adonat® will be showcased at Vitafoods Europe next May 14th -16th in Geneva. To discover more about its green aspects and advantages and the key points defined as Premium and Advanced, read the dedicated articles of Vitafoods Insights just published and the Interview with Lorena Carboni, Product Manager of Adonat®, in the Italian Magazine Integratore Nutrizionale”. 

You will also discover why this sustainable approach of Gnosis in the comprehensive general production of nutraceutical active ingredients is not an additional choice but a distinctive trait arising from the nature of our business, centralized on the commitment to better nourish and protect the planet.  

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