Gnosis by Lesaffre is proud to be part of the International Probiotic Association

The International Probiotic Association (IPA) is a Global non–profit association which has been in existence since 2001.
Known as «the Global Voice of Probiotics», this association gathers more over 110 members from close to 30 countries.


As the probiotic industry grew so has the importance to have a voice and ear close to the ground in all regions of the world.


Since 2001, the IPA has worked with government bodies to assist in establishing scientific standards for all applications of probiotics on the market today. The organization promotes probiotics’ safety and their proven health beneficial effects but also participates to develop probiotic knowledge to educate both consumers and industrials.


As an active player in the probiotic market , Gnosis By Lesaffre is proud to be one of the 110 member companies of the IPA.
Marc Philouze , General Manager of Gnosis By Lesaffre, join the IPA’s Board of directors so that allows us to support the organization’s actions on a daily basis.