Discover Our New Brochure:
Vitamin K2 in Mood & Cognitive Health

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Discover Our New Brochure: Vitamin K2 in Mood & Cognitive Health

Our latest brochure explores the potential of vitamin K2 in supporting brain health, as highlighted by ongoing research.

Maintaining both physical and mental health is essential for overall well-being. As we age, it’s crucial to care for our minds as much as our bodies. Our industry is increasingly emphasizing cognitive health, making this a great moment to highlight the potential of vitamin K2 in brain health.

Innovating for Better Health

In addition to the proven health benefits of MenaQ7® Vitamin K2 for bone and heart health, emerging research suggests promising potential for cognitive well-being. 

In fact, there is a direct link between low vitamin K status and reduced cognitive performance. 

The new insights present opportunities for creating innovative supplements that promote overall physical mobility and a sharper and happier mind.

Mechanisms Linking Vitamin K2 and Brain Health

Vitamin K2 plays a crucial role in supporting processes that benefit cognitive health while inhibiting those that could harm it. Notably, research on MenaQ7® highlights vitamin K2’s capacity to regulate oxidative stress, inflammation, and vascular stiffness, which are all vital aspects of cognitive well-being. 

Vitamin K2 and the Heart-Brain Connection

A strong and healthy cardiovascular system is essential for maintaining optimal blood flow to the brain, ensuring it receives the necessary nourishment. Research indicates that heightened arterial calcification and stiffness can increase the risk of cognitive decline and dementia.

Clinically proven, MenaQ7® Vitamin K2 supports heart health by improving arterial elasticity and reducing stiffness. Therefore, vitamin K2 emerges as a critical nutrient that may promote our brain health by supporting our cardiovascular system. 

Get your copy of the new MenaQ7®  brochure on brain health.

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