Deliver on the Promise of Strong Bones and Heart Health: Add MenaQ7® K2

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Deliver on the Promise of Strong Bones and Heart Health: Add MenaQ7® K2

In response to evolving health needs, enriching foods with vital nutrients to target specific well-being issues has been a growing trend globally.  Milk powder, which commonly receives fortification with calcium and vitamin D to bolster bone health, is a good example. However, to truly deliver optimal bone-building support, Vitamin K2 needs to be considered. Research supports the argument that fortifying milk powder with Vitamin K2 could substantially amplify its advantages, fostering robust bone development in children and healthy aging in older populations by elevating bone maintenance and cardiovascular support. 

Ensure “Better Together” Synergies by Adding Vitamin K2

While the importance of vitamin D and calcium in promoting strong bones has been widely acknowledged, their partnership often takes the spotlight. Vitamin D facilitates calcium absorption and triggers the synthesis of osteocalcin, a key protein for bone formation. Yet, the significance of Vitamin K2’s contribution to this intricate process is frequently underestimated. Through its vital role in managing Calcium in the body, Vitamin K2 is critical in forming a solid bone matrix and a healthy cardiovascular system via the activation of Vitamin K-dependent proteins Osteocalcin and Matrix Gla. Without sufficient Vitamin K2 to activate these two key proteins, bone and heart health will be negatively impacted. The relevance of Vitamin K2 has been thoroughly substantiated by MenaQ7®, the most clinically proven vitamin K2 in the market today. 

Enabling Innovations for Optimal Delivery in Milk Powder

It is somewhat a conundrum that nutrients that work in such fine balance inside our bodies represent a challenge when they are combined in functional foods or in supplements. Vitamin K2, as with many other active nutrients, is sensitive to certain environments. Moisture and mineral salts are critical variables for Vitamin K2 degradation, and this drives the need for dedicated Vitamin K2 solutions. 

Now the clinically proven benefits of MenaQ7® are delivered with the very latest in Vitamin K2 protection, with an innovative, award-winning, clean-label technology: Vitamin K2 Matrix from Gnosis. This is a perfect solution for Vitamin K2 to be incorporated into high-end, fortified milk powders. Proven stable in milk powders fortified with minerals, it disperses perfectly without any segregation. And if this wasn’t enough, it also checks the boxes for other high-valued consumer attributes, such as being all-natural and providing a clean-label approach. 

Download our lates brochure on Vitamin K2 in Milk Powder today, and together let’s make your milk powder as proactive to health as your consumers.

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