Beyond SAMe quality: Explore the new leaflet of Adonat®

S-adenosyl-methionine, often known as SAMe, is one of the most researched and proven nootropic compounds, supporting healthy mood and promoting overall brain health.


While the brain-stimulating effect of SAMe supplementation is well known, the quality requirements this nutritional ingredient should have to ensure clinical efficacy are often overlooked, or simply unknown. On the contrary, the quality of SAMe dietary ingredient is the key for an effective and reliable finished product on the market.


Adonat®, the leading SAMe brand of Gnosis by Lesaffre, offers the highest content of this biologically active ingredient, for a better beneficial health effect, and a reliable experience for both end manufacturers and final consumers. As the historical manufacturer of both nutraceutical and pharmaceutical SAMe grade, Gnosis by Lesaffre applies its expertise and know-how to accomplish customers and partners to success.


To discover why Adonat® is the premium SAMe in the market, ask here for a copy of the new tool available, a leaflet entirely dedicated to quality aspects and advantages… because the quality of SAMe matters!