Active Folate is the right choice! Discover why in the Quatrefolic® video

What is the difference between all the forms of folate? Why choosing active folate instead of folic acid? The new Quatrefolic® video answers all your questions.

Folate is an essential vitamin needed throughout all our life. However, we are not equal in our way to transform food folate and folate supplements. All forms of folate, vitamin B9, are different. The active folate, as Quatrefolic®, is the most suitable for our bodies because it doesn’t require any kind of metabolization to benefit all.

Quatrefolic® the natural form of active folate

Quatrefolic® is the folate form of reference for dietary supplements. It guarantees the right dosage of biologically active folate and can immediately supports the reproductive stage, homocysteine metabolism and cardiovascular health, mood & brain functioning and much more.