A4M Spring Congress : Prof. Leon Schurgers Discusses K2 on Main Stage

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Prof. Leon Schurgers offered the A4M 31st Annual Spring Congress attendees a rivetting presentation about the importance of vitamin K and its role in inflammation.

On Saturday, 20 May 2023, Prof. Leon Schurgers took to the main stage at the A4M Spring Congress, speaking to over 2,000 innovative health professionals who attended to explore the latest advancements in inflammation research and anti-aging medicine. 

Prof. Schurgers has been invited on several occasions to speak about his exciting vitamin K2 research and discoveries. This annual spring congress, the theme of which was “The Fire Inside: Inflammation”, was focused on exploring an all-too common pathway to disease (i.e., inflammation). Prof. Schurgers joined other distinguished medical authorities such as Andrew Heyman, MD; Jill Carnahan, MD; Vincent Pedre, MD; Robert Lufkin, MD; Deanna Minich, PhD; and many more.

Our incredible faculty panel of world-renowned speakers and industry experts shared their expertise, insights, and the latest research-based approaches to care,” wrote A4M in its recap of the event. “Through 130 lectures and sessions, peer-to-peer collaboration, and connections with over 70 world-renowned speakers, attendees gained a wealth of knowledge and actionable insights to fuel their practice.”

Inflammation, Vitamin K2, & Healthy Aging

The clinical community is aware of the Vitamin K2’s role for bone and heart health, but inflammation is not an area that has been illuminated … until now. With Prof. Schurgers’ enthusiasm on the emerging research behind vitamin K2, he provided rich insights that sparked great conversation, producing even more interest in vitamin K2’s cutting-edge role to support overall health and well-being.

MenaQ7® Vitamin K2 as MK-7 (menaquinone-7) leads the vitamin K2 category, with 22+ published human clinical trials confirming its safety and efficacy. Prof. Schurgers continues to dive deep into the physiological behaviors of this extraordinary vitamin and enhance awareness and excitement with new studies planned identify and, most importantly, confirm benefits for other areas of health.

Follow us for the next live webinar with Prof. Schurgers in September on the A4M forum.

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