Promoting Optimal Health in Korea with MenaQ7® and Quatrefolic®

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Promoting Optimal Health in Korea with MenaQ7® and Quatrefolic®
MenaQ7® and Quatrefolic® for elderly health applications were highlighted during a seminar organized by Gnosis and distributor, SAMOH Pharm. The seminar was held on 11 October and attracted more than 150 attendees from 70 companies.
Quatrefolic® and MenaQ7® are two powerful ingredients that can promote better health for the eldery and individuals concerned with bone and cardiovascular health.

Empowering Korean Seniors with MenaQ7® and Quatrefolic®: A Path to Enhanced Elderly Health

MenaQ7® and Quatrefolic® play a pivtoal role in enhancing the health of the elderly population in Korea.
MenaQ7®, a form of vitamin K2 as MK-7, supports bone and cardiovascular health, cruical for seniors.
Quatrefolic®, a bioavailable form of folate, aids in cognitive function and overall well-being. 
These premium ingredients address nutritional needs, promoting vitality among the aging demographic in Korea. 

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