Adonat® Premium SAMe Sets Apart in The Market, in The Comparative Quality-Based Assessment of SAMe Ingredients

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Adonat® Premium SAMe sets apart in the market, in the comparative Quality-Based Assessment of SAMe ingredients

A comparative quality-driven analysis carried out on different SAMe ingredients in the market has confirmed Adonat® Premium SAMe’s premium quality.

With the rise of e-commerce and global market commercialization of dietary ingredients quality aspects of raw materials offered are becoming even more important. Big players in the dietary supplement market rely on their raw material suppliers according to standard quality requirements defined by dietary supplement regulations. 

These substances are generally claimed to be properly tested and verified to meet specifications, but is it enough for S-adenosylmethionine (SAMe)? 

A Quality-Based Analysis to Go Beyond The Minimum Standard Requirements

Gnosis by Lesaffre has carried out a deep assessment of the quality of SAMe raw materials, which aimed to go beyond the standard analysis and specifications and delve into other quality aspects, such as the total impurities profile. This project is part of Gnosis’s commitment to supporting Adonat® Premium SAMe position in the market.  

The Reasons Why Looking for A Qualified High-Quality SAMe Makes A Difference

It is not new that some finished products purchased online and independently analyzed were shown to contain a different amount of SAMe than what is declared on the label. The quality of SAMe supplements is particularly critical, as the active ingredient’s quantitative content can affect the supplement’s overall quality during its shelf life. 

SAMe is a multifaced active ingredient naturally sensitive and unstable, mainly to moisture and heat. Mastering manufacturing and downstream processes is key to guaranteeing the quality of this multi-benefits ingredient and supporting successful finished supplements.

Adonat® and The Role of Consumers in A Quality-Oriented Supplement

Product quality is the main criterion for customers in making a purchase. Nowadays, consumers are taking greater ownership of their health and are making choices based not only on the health benefits promised but also influenced by the quality perception of dietary supplements. Adonat® Premium SAMe supports providing customers with efficient and safe supplements that meet their health and wellness needs and expectations. 

What are you waiting for, FIND OUT now the results of the analysis done and get in touch with us to know more.

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